Bristol/Warren Regional School District

Bristol / Warren’s which was passed in July 2015, states:

“To provide students, teachers, and parents with appropriate data to monitor student success, all students are required to participate in the designated local and state assessments appropriate to their grade level.”

You can download a copy of the policy here which authorized creation of the BWRSD – K-12 Comprehensive Assessment System (updated 9.1.15) .

In the 2014/2015 school year, many parents refused PARCC testing for their children, for various reasons. Review the refusals by grade level here: Many of these parents received this PARCC Letter from Dr. Andrade, Superintendent in response.  During the discussion period for the Comprehensive Assessment Policy in Spring 2015, the School Committee was asked numerous times what ramifications would be imposed on students who did not follow the policy.  You can see the many letters and public comments below: Policy Meeting April 6 , School Committee Meeting May 2015, School Committee Letter June 15, School Committee Meeting June 22. The School Committee did not include any statement regarding ramifications for refusing the state tests before passing the policy in July 2015.

However, the Superintendent verbally confirmed that there would be no punishments for those who refused tests in grades 3-8.  He cited the district’s existing high school requirements and and to show that high school students must participate in state exams in order to graduate. Parents Across RI notes that there does exist a waiver from meeting these requirements. .

Therefore, Parents Across Rhode Island recommends that for Bristol/Warren, when considering refusals for state assessments, that you ask specifically what ramifications your child will incur as a result of refusing.

The local Facebook group for Bristol/Warren: Collapse the Core – Bristol/Warren

School Committee:

John Bento, Chairperson [email protected] Warren Nov-12 Nov-16 Survey Results
Karen Lynch, Secretary [email protected] Bristol Nov-12 Nov-16 Survey Results
Diana B. Campbel [email protected] Bristol Nov-14 Nov-18 Survey Results
Paul Silva, Vice-Chairperson [email protected] Bristol Nov-14 Nov-18
Majorie J. McBride, Treasurer [email protected] Bristol Nov-12 Nov-16 Survey Results
Erin Schofield [email protected] Warren Nov-14 Nov-18 Survey Results
William M. O’Dell Bristol Nov-14 Nov-18 Survey Results
Lynn Wainwright Bristol Nov-12 Nov-16 Survey Results
John P. Saviano Warren Nov-12 Nov-16 Survey Results

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